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"The Man in the Mansion" is episode fourteen of season two of Bones, the forensic drama series based on the books by Kathy Reichs.


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The Crime Scene

This episode opens with Booth and Brennan arriving at a crime scene and Brennan keeps pushing him about his therapy with the psychiatrist he started seeing in the previous episode, "The Girl in the Gator". Booth says that it isn't therapy, simply an official evaluation (his therapist, Gordon, says that is therapy; Booth also has to come to terms with his feelings about rich people). Booth has changed some of his clothing choices as a result.


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It's a Bit of a Mess

The body is pretty messy, but Brennan says that there is too much soft tissue for her to work with (she's a bone person). The family of what is presumed to be the dead man are wealthy - they have funded the Jeffersonian to the tune of $60 million. So, when they ask for specific people, they tend to get them.


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The Victim Was Not Where He Was Supposed to Be

The wife was away at one place and the husband was supposed to be at a fishing camp. Not at the house. The wife hadn't spoken to her husband in three weeks, but that was expected as the fishing cabin had no cell service. The man had been tied up and stabbed, so a home invasion was the initial thought, but it would appear that he was stabbed in the heart after he was dead. Death was by multiple stabs to the jugular.


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A Personal Connection to the Victim

Hodgins seems to be disturbed by the death and retrieves a picture from inside some of the evidence - a picture which he is on. It seems he knew the victim and is keeping this secret to a degree. He also knows the wife, but it seems this was some time back. It seemed that he may have had a relationship with the wife when he was much younger. Hodgins is keeping it secret so that he doesn't get pulled off the case - and he really wants to help catch the killer. Naturally, this causes problems.


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A Drug Connection

The deceased, Terry, had funded and helped out at a facility for kids in a really rough neighbourhood. One in which some of the kids mule drugs, and Terry had found two pounds of heroin on one of them. A connection between this and the death is obvious. Especially when the boy in question turns up dead. Several weeks ago. The murder has also been made to look more aggressive than it looks. So far, it would appear that the kid had his drugs confiscated, told the suppliers and then they went around to Terry and killed him. Blood is found on a sweatshirt belonging to the dead kid, only he died prior to Terry.


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The Court Case and Challenged Evidence

Much of the episode revolves around the court case where the murderer is being tried, as the killer is found quickly. This is due to the court case relying on evidence uncovered by Hodgins - and that's where the problems surface. So they need to find new evidence, and quickly.


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Personal Matters

Sully asked Brennan out in the previous episode. She has since been out with him a few times, and is asking Angela for help. Sully himself is asking Booth for advice; Booth himself may have feelings for Brennan that he hasn't fully explored.

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