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"The Man in the Outhouse" is episode three of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a lorry driver finds a dead body when the outhouse he is in explodes.


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Holy Exploding Outhouses!

This episode opens at night with a lorry driver taking a call from his wife when he hangs up and pulls over to go to an outhouse, trying to light a cigarette. When he finally gets his lighter to work, the outhouse explodes, sending him flying with his trousers round his ankles and on fire. He isn't killed though.

Booth is Not Happy to Find Brennan has Company

Booth goes to Brennan's apartment really early with two coffees. She isn't alone either. She isn't particularly happy at Booth turning up without phoning. The man at her apartment is someone she has an occasional, satisfying, physical relationship. At the exploding outhouse, there are human remains in it. Stuck upside down. Perhaps their decomposition created the gases which caused the explosion?


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Awaiting Another New Assistant

At the Jeffersonian, Brennan is waiting for a new assistant - Clark left in the previous episode, "The Yanks in the UK: Part 2" - too much drama, not enough science. The victim has had his teeth broken, was shot and dumped in a cess pit. Sweets says that the killer has definite issues. The teeth were broken by a photo being rammed down the victim's throat, but the photo is massively degraded. The new assistant, Daisy Wick, is not keen on working with the sewage - 6 barrels worth.


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The Victim is the Host of an Entrapment Show

During the facial reconstruction, both Angela and Hodgins think that the victim looks familiar. Which is because he is - he's the host of a show called Busted by Bill. A show which is designed to entrap people into being caught cheating on their spouses. Something which causes yet another discussion between Booth and Brennan on religion (Brennan thinks marriage is an outdated custom; Booth quotes the Ten Commandments). The victim's wife never wanted him to do the show, and at first he didn't - but the money was really good. There are a whole lot of suspects as a result - everyone who was caught on the show. As Bill had threatened to quit, the show's producer is another suspect, as he would have lost a lot of money. Bill was insured of course, so death is not as big a problem.

Booth in Brennan's Personal Life

Booth starts interfering in Brennan's personal life, decides that hiring her stalker, Noel, is a good idea and the new assistant doesn't seem to be making the best impression.

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