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"The Memories in the Shallow Grave" is episode one of season seven of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a body is found by paint-ballers and Brennan is very pregnant.


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The Remains in the Paint-Ball Field

A group of armed men are running through some woods. By the looks of their equipment - and this is soon confirmed - they are paint-ballers. One man from one side makes a charge up a hill, rises up and gets re-coloured extensively. Enough that he falls over and lands with his hand on a largely decayed skull. He stands up again and gets blasted again.

Brennan and Booth's New Relationship

Booth and Brennan are in the former's kitchen. In the previous episode, the season six finale, "The Change in the Game", Brennan had announced that she was pregnant, and that the baby was Booth's - it seemed likely that they had slept together following the death of Mr. Nigel Vincent in "The Hole in the Heart", and this confirmed it. (Angela and Hodgins have had their son, and it wasn't a huge surprise to find that one of his forenames was 'Vincent' after Mr. Nigel-Murray). Brennan is now quite clearly pregnant. They are looking for a place together, at least Booth is (he wants a new place) - and talking about marriage. Booth is convinced that Brennan will at some point ask him to marry her.


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Hormonal Changes

When they get to the crime scene, Booth starts being overly solicitous. Brennan starts examining the body, and crying on and off as well. Something she accepts as being a normal result of the hormones in pregnancy. Booth has already said that he isn't going to survive the pregnancy. He may be right - at the Jeffersonian, Wendell Bray is tiptoeing very quietly around Brennan. Sweets is also trying to find out how Booth and Brennan's relationship is coping with the pregnancy. Booth is not willing to share.


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Missing for Six Months then Returned with no Memories

The victim, a woman, was definitely murdered, with a weapon stuck into her head. Six months prior to her death, she was hit in the head badly enough that she may have suffered brain damage as a result. When the victim is identified, it seems that two missing person's reports were filed on her, both by her husband - one six months ago, around the time she was beaten, and one the previous week. At this point the husband - a pastor - looks like an obvious suspect for both the beating and the murder. Perhaps too obvious. According to the widower, his wife had disappeared six months ago then turned up six weeks ago with no memory of what had happened, or even of her previous life. Although the husband says that his wife, Claire, was starting to remember, and she was being treated. Perhaps this is another suspect - someone who was afraid of the woman remembering something. Booth doesn't believe a pastor could have committed a murder - which brings up another discussion on religion between him and Brennan. Something also appears to have been excavated from the grave before the woman was buried in it.

What Happened Whilst Claire Was Missing?

Another patient who also had suffered from brain injuries had become very attached to Claire, and said that she was afraid of her husband. He is another suspect. They also need to find what happened to Claire during the missing time.

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