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"The Mummy in the Maze" is episode five of season three of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs.


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A Far too Realistically Creepy Halloween Maze

This episode opens with some children waiting to enter a Halloween maze made from bales of straw. There are various Halloween-themed beings affixed to the walls, and one child in particular seems rather disturbed by them. He's lost when he stumbles across a really creepy looking mummy. When a spider crawls out of the mummy's eye socket and lands on his nose he faints.


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Not a Fake Mummy, but a Real One

Brennan and Booth get called in when one of the parents - who is also a paediatrician and the coroner - realised that what made the child faint wasn't just a realistic looking mummy - but an actual mummified person. First they have to find their way through the maze. Which does not prove easy. It's a maze. So Booth knocks down the hay bales.


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A Modern Mummy

The dead girl, for it's a girl, has been mummified in a way seen in very old mummies. However, she's wearing modern clothing, so creepy way of murdering someone seems more likely. The woman had clothes from a church-run thrift store (charity shop for those of us who aren't American). Apparently a lot of the store's clothes wind up on dead bodies. Because it's popular with the homeless, not because it's popular with murder victims. Brennan, not surprisingly, clashes with the pastor. Although not as badly as she has with some, as he answers a question she poses in such a way that Booth and Brennan's discussion of religion seems to reverse the usual roles.


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Another Mummy is Found - At an Amusement Park

The remains appear to have been dead for a year. Some parents come in, but their daughter has only been missing a week, which would not appear to be long enough. The mummy is not their daughter. Then another mummy turns up at an amusement park - the one where the parents' daughter disappeared from. In a house of horrors. It seems that Booth has a fear of clowns (he did shoot a clown-shaped loudspeaker in "The Girl in the Gator"). The maze mummy had also disappeared from the same park. This mummy is also not the parents' daughter, but another teenager from two years ago, who disappeared from the same amusement park. She appears to have been killed by the same person. They also appear to have been buried alive. And tortured as well, as if they were scared to death. There is a very obvious suspect, but he's too obvious. The victims have been abducted a year apart from the same location and then killed, probably fairly slowly; perhaps the missing girl is still alive.


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The Jeffersonian Halloween Party

It's also the Jeffersonian Halloween party. Attendance is compulsory. It does result in some of the episode being done with some of the people in costume. Angela and Hodgins are still looking for her husband, so that they can get married. At least, thanks to Angela's hypnotherapy session in "Death in the Saddle", they now have a name for the man. And the PI has now found him.

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