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"The Night at the Bones Museum" is episode five of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, an Egyptian mummy is found on an electric fence.


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The Mummy on the Fence

A security guard is amusing himself at night throwing things at an electric fence to make it spark when he notices something on the fence - a body. This causes him to throw his torch away, which then sticks to the fence. Stupidly he tries to remove it from the - electrified - fence, but the stupidity is not fatal.


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The Mummy is Several Thousand Years Dead

Brennan quickly identifies that the body was not burned and has been dead a while. Several thousand years in fact; it's an Egyptian mummy. The mummy shows signs of recently being sprayed with blood from someone standing in front of it. Presumably the mummy did not just murder someone, although this does provide an excuse to watch The Mummy starring Boris Karloff as 'research.' Ecoterrorists were presumed to be responsible and, indeed, they did attach the mummy to the fence, but they said they had found it in the garbage. The chest cavity of the mummy has also been broken open recently - as in very recently - and something has been removed.


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The Mummy's Curator is Dead

When the mummy is finally identified, it turns out to be one that is on loan to the Jeffersonian, but which hasn't been reported missing. The curator for the upcoming exhibition hasn't been seen in a day or so, so Booth and Brennan go to see her. The curator is not in her lab, but the coffin for the stolen mummy is. And it's bleeding. The curator is inside, dead. It looks like she's been stabbed in the eye by something. Whatever was in the mummy's chest may have been the motive for the murder. Or perhaps it was academic competition that got a little more cutthroat than usual. The Egyptians who loaned the Jeffersonian the mummy are not happy either.

Sweets Wants Daisy to Be Given Another Chance

Sweets asks if his girlfriend Daisy can be given another chance as an intern - he says he's been working on her to make her less annoying to work with - and Brennan agrees. Then she starts acting a bit like Daisy herself. Sweets stays around to keep an eye on Daisy, which does not go down well with her. Brennan is also asked out by Booth's boss's boss. Booth finds this awkward.

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