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"The Pain in the Heart" is episode fifteen of season three of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs, and the season finale. In this episode, the Gormogon killer has returned and Zack gets injured in an explosion in the lab.

The Story So Far...

At the end of the previous episode, "The Wanna-Be in the Weeds", Pam, the stalker who had originally fixated on the victim and then transferred this fixation onto Booth, decided that, for the sake of them both, she needed to shoot Brennan. Booth prevented her by getting in the way and got shot himself, then Brennan shot Pam. Sweets was correct; Pam was dangerous.


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The Day of Booth's Funeral

This episode opens with Brennan and Zack in the lab examining a, really old, skeleton when everyone else turns up, dressed in black. It's apparently the day of Booth's funeral. At the funeral there is a man watching the service - and one of the honour guards is Booth. He goes for the man, they fight and the coffin opens, revealing a dummy. Brennan stops the man from fleeing by hitting him with part of the dummy. Then punches Booth in the face. She is really not happy about him having faked his death. This was apparently done in order to catch the man at the funeral, and Brennan was supposed to have been told but wasn't. She is really not happy about that.


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Booth Faked His Death to Catch a Bad Guy

After the funeral, there is a package waiting at the lab for Brennan. It's a human jawbone with two screws. These are for attaching it to the Gormogon skeleton that the Jeffersonian has following the events of "The Widow's Son in the Windshield". Gormogon is still killing and eating people but, because he used his own teeth as shrapnel to try and kill Booth and Brennan in "The Knight on the Grid", he now has dentures. Homemade ones, so Zack and Hodgins do an experiment to try and make them the same way. Something goes wrong and the experiment explodes, injuring Zack and landing him in the hospital with a crippled hand.


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An Explosion at the Lab

Hodgins and Zack say that there was nothing in the mix that could have exploded. It seems that one of the containers used was switched and Zack actually added something explosive to his mixture. In addition, the silver skeleton is missing from the Gormogon vault. Despite all the security. All of which failed when what Zack was working on exploded. The guards also moved due to the explosion. It was a diversion set up by Gormogon - which means that either he or his latest apprentice has access to the Jeffersonian lab. So Booth calls in a large team to investigate the lab. Sweets thinks that Gormogon could be Hodgins. Cam says that makes sense - to throw the scent of Sweets, who she believes is Gormogon. Nothing like a bit of paranoia to get things going. Some evidence turns up - discovered by Hodgins - points to his own neighbourhood. Zack also says that only he and Hodgins had access to the mix.

A Shocking Result

Something shocking crops up (which would have been more shocking if I hadn't seen a description of a later episode - that's always a problem when you are some episodes behind. Or even just a few minutes behind in some cases. And I think I just got a massive spoiler for season 10!).

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