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"The Past in the Present" is episode thirteen of season seven of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs, and the season finale. In this episode, evidence is mounting that shows Brennan murdered a friend she had asked to help with Christopher Pelant.

Previously on Bones...

In "The Crack in the Code" a convicted hacker, Christopher Pelant, who was under house arrest and had no access to computers, had killed two people, with his ankle monitor showing he was still at home, and managed to hack Angela's computer, using a pattern etched into bone. Despite knowing that Pelant committed murder, and despite him essentially saying that he did it - but staying clear of an actual confession - they were unable to prove anything as he had a rock solid alibi that proved he was elsewhere.

Pelant is Applying for Parole

This episode opens with Caroline in front of a parole board - with Pelant under review to have his ankle monitor removed. He has also been offered a teaching job. Caroline is really not happy about this idea. Booth and Brennan are there too. Booth states that Pelant is a person of interest in two active murder investigations and Brennan has brought files related to the investigation. The board denies parole until they have a chance to go through the files. Pelant's lawyer is none too happy, but he seems okay with it. The Brennan and Booth's mobiles both ring - but the ring tones of both have been changed to what sounds like howling wolves. Pelant looks smug.


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A Body - And Brennan Knows the Victim

A body has been found in a park after a couple of hikers got lost when, by the sounds of it, their GPS did something bizarre. The victim appears to be a doctor and, according to Brennan, a patient too. She knows the man - it's a friend of hers. She believes Pelant killed him - and wolves are heard howling nearby. The victim had been committed as a paranoid schizophrenic but had clearly got out. And was eaten by wolves. Alive. Which is not normal behaviour for wolves. Unless the victim appeared dead.

Brennan Looks Guilty

Brennan said that she was in communication with her friend, Ethan, regarding Pelant because Pelant is a mathematical genius but Ethan was smarter. Given Ethan's condition, it would not look that brilliant in court. At the facility, Ethan had been transferred to an open ward due to a computer glitch. The CCTV footage from the facility has been time stamped just before Ethan went missing. Which is impressive and looks really bad for Brennan. Especially as Ethan was filmed saying that Brennan's daughter was a demon and had threatened to kill her. And Brennan says that she would kill under the right circumstances. Brennan has means, motive and no alibi.

Pelant is Playing Games

There's a fragment of hypodermic needle in one of the bones. The tip has traces of curare in it - a very rare poison. Difficult to get hold of. It needs extracting from a particular plant, which Hodgins had two of. Except he gave one to Brennan. Pelant is playing games with everyone and making fake calls to Booth to get him to act rashly. Which works and Booth and Brennan get removed from the case.


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It's a Set Up, But How to Prove It?

So, the Jeffersonian team need to prove that Pelant is guilty and set everything up. With all the evidence piling up against Brennan. Then Sweets gets taken off the case as well. If they don't figure out how Pelant did what he did and quickly, Brennan will be found guilty of a murder that Pelant committed.


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A Cliff-Hanger Ending

A cliff-hanger ending to the season with the story continuing in season eight and "The Future in the Past".

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