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"The Plain in the Prodigy" is episode three of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the body of a dead Amish boy who was on Rumspringa is found on a train track.


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The Body on the Track

Brennan and Booth are examining human remains that were found on a railway track during a routine maintenance check. Brennan says that the body had been dead for about two months when it was dumped on the track, and then dragged for miles by trains, disintegrating as it went. So she has several miles of track closed so that the rest of the body can be found.


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A Teenage Boy from the 19th Century?

The body is that of a teenage boy, but there are oddities. The bones show absolutely no signs of modern life, nor does the clothing, and it doesn't even match an immigrant, because the bones are definitely from the north eastern US. Only from the 19th century. That's because the dead boy is Amish. Which provides more opportunity for Brennan and Booth to discuss religion. Brennan thinks that the Amish boy was on 'Rumspringa' - a rite of passage when teenage Amish children go out into the world to decide whether to remain in the community or leave. So Booth and Brennan head to Amish country.

Visiting Amish Country

The boy, Levi, had headed to New York, with another boy. Who, along with some others, is living more like a regular teenager - although one who does intend to go back to his church. He felt that Levi didn't. Levi was also keeping secrets too, and he had a box full of rocks under his bed. Which Sweets assembles into a practice piano. The Amish are not supposed to play musical instruments. It seems that Levi was a piano prodigy and was having lessons in secret. He had last been seen in Washington, D.C., with some other talented musicians and was auditioning for the National Conservatory. So far, there doesn't seem to be really anything to justify his death.


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Personal Matters

Michelle, the teenage daughter of a former lover who agreed to live with Cam at the end of "The Doctor in the Den", is seen again for the first time since then (but played by a different actress). And Cam starts getting concerned about Michelle's involvement with her boyfriend. Which concern she brings to work. Which Clark - it's his turn again - really does not appreciate, given his dislike of personal drama in the workplace. Although he appreciates tracking through the wilderness for bones even less.

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