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"The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle" is episode nineteen of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, human remains are found in a giant industrial washing machine rather the worse for wear, but very clean.


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A Skull in a Washing Machine

A man is showing a woman through his domain, the laundry of a hotel, when they stop to look at one of the, pretty big, washing machines. There's an occasional thump coming from inside the machine, which the man says is a foreign object, something that is quite common. Then a skull is seen. That is less common.

A Well-Cleaned Body

Inside the washer are the remains of a man. Having gone through an industrial washing machine, it's in pretty bad shape. The bones, however, show signs of multiple injuries. One of them is also to soft tissue - the man had a prosthetic testicle, which is how the dead man is actually identified.


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Rock and Roll!

He had suffered a number of different injuries from several different activities. This is because he went to fantasy camps, where adults got to try lots of different things out. The current fantasy camp is rock camp. Booth wants to go to rock and roll camp, but the reality doesn't seem to quite match up - at least to start with. The man running the camp, Simon Graham, had got into an argument with the dead man, Richard Cole, as the latter wanted to pull down a club but agreed not to in exchange for the chance to play with a rock star guest.

Woolly Mammoth Bone as Evidence

Cause of death proves hard to pin down die to aforesaid industrial washing machine accompanied by industrial strength bleach. Although a bit of woolly mammoth bone is found in the wash as well. Which is a bit unusual, finding bits of millennia-extinct animals in washing machines. This happens to link to the rock star guest, who has had a bit of a temper problem in the past. It certainly looks like his room was the murder scene, but the rock star says he was not present at the time.

Not Mister Popular

The victim was not very popular with pretty much everyone he was involved with at camp, as they thought he was a complete poseur.


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Personal Matters

Hodgins and Mr. Vaziri bond over a love of baseball and Cam is looking for a doctor for Michelle. The doctor seems interested in Cam. Which leads to an interesting conversation between her and Michelle.

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