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"The Signs in the Silence" is episode twenty-one of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a girl is found who looks to link to a crime.


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A Girl in an Alley with a Knife

A police cruiser is driving slowly at night when the officer inside sees something in an alley. There is a person lying down in the alley, so he goes to investigate. The feet belong to a girl, who is covered in blood and holding a knife.

Examining a Living Person, Not a Dead One

Caroline comes into the diner to tell Booth and Brennan they are needed back at the lab to work on a case. Brennan is annoyed because she thinks someone has disturbed a crime scene again, but Caroline says that the person she needs to examine is alive. Which is not Brennan's speciality.


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Evidence of a Crime

The person is, of course, the girl found earlier. She can neither speak nor hear, and, although the child advocate says the girl can understand sign language, she isn't cooperating. The blood on the girl - although she hasn't been officially determined to be a girl as yet - is not hers, and it's enough that whoever it came from is either dead or dying. So they need to try and identify her as quickly as possible. As well as a knife, the girl had some bloodstained banknotes on her, sequential bills that will have come from an ATM.

The Girl Looks Like a Murderer

Sweets points out to Brennan, using the fact that they both have experience in the foster system, that the girl is frightened and not really going to cooperate, so they try another track to try and determine her identity. Which does confirm that she is a young girl, between 13 and 17. The bank notes lead to an ATM, the blood leads to what type of person the victim would be and both lead to the actual victim. Who is quite definitely dead. Making it look as if the girl is definitely a murderer. That sounds far too pat though.

Sweets Wants to Dig Deeper, and Brennan Agrees

The case appears open and shut but Sweets gets annoyed at this; he thinks they should try and find out what actually happened, rather than convict the Jane Doe without knowing more. Brennan does think that there is evidence that has been overlooked, and that she plans to find out, so that they can find out the motive, even if Jane Doe doesn't want to. The dead man's door was broken down using a level of force impossible for the Jane Doe.


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Tracking Location Through Sign Language Dialects

There are videos of Jane Doe being interrogated, and she was signing during them. It seems that sign language also has dialects, which means that they can track down where the girl is from. Together with a piece of paper in the girl's pocket, her town is tracked down. And her family.

More to the Story and it Gets Personal

Jane Doe certainly appears to have killed the victim but there has got to be more to the story. And there is. The case gets a bit personal for Brennan.

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