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"The Sin in the Sisterhood" is episode twelve of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the body of a polygamous man is found in a field of maize.


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Cam's Relationship Issues

Cam is waiting in a hospital when the gynaecologist she started dating in "The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle" approaches. He's with a woman who's giving birth and Cam wants to cancel their date - as she's been waiting five hours. The doctor tries to rearrange when she gets a message about a body (Cam later asks Booth's advice on the relationship, and the relationship crops up several more times in the episode as it affects Cam's behaviour - she shoots a lot of guns as testing).


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The Body in the Maize

Booth and Brennan are in a field of maize. A bit lost. They are looking for the crime scene. The victim is a male in his early forties and apparently dressed to work in the field. He also has a bullet wound. Booth and Cam both find maize creepy. Then thunder sounds and it's going to start raining really quickly. No-one knows where the way out is though, so a tarp is needed.


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The Deceased Had Multiple Wives

The body is retrieved before the field turns to mud but the bullet is still missing (although it seems that someone used a potato as a silencer). The body is identified as being that of a person who rents out farm equipment who went missing a month ago. The evidence also suggests that the dead man spent a lot of time having intimate relationships. He also turns out to have eleven children, and Brennan notices from a photograph that they are congenitally deformed. Then, having seen the family album, Brennan states that the sisters of the dead man's wife are actually sister-wives, as he was married to all of them. Sweets states that the family were fundamentalist Mormons (polygamy having been abandoned by mainstream Mormons) and agrees with Booth that the polygamist relationship is a motive for murder. The father of the wives says that it was their idea, and that they had problems locally because of their lifestyle choices. One person in particular stands out but he seems a little too obvious.

Lots of Motives for Murder

The bullet isn't found in the cornfield which means that the victim was moved. One of the wives was also filing for divorce and according to her the dead man was also having an affair. Plenty of motives, but nothing stands out. He was also being poisoned it seems, and with something pretty exotic and hard to get hold of. The family relationship was also less wonderful than it seemed.

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