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"The Skull in the Sculpture" is episode eight of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the body of an 'artist' is found in one of his crushed car 'sculptures.'


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A Body in a Crushed Car

This episode opens in a scrap yard with a couple of men - who appear to be drunk, and probably idiots - climbing in over the fence. One has stolen some spare parts to give his father for his birthday. To prove that he isn't selfish. They find a crushed car cube and the 'not selfish' one removes a piece from it. In the cavity revealed there is blood. This is not usual. There is also a skull in the car.

Angela Wants Personal Advice from Sweets

Angela is seeking advice from Sweets again. She wants intimate relationship again, as it's been a long time since she last had any. Six weeks in fact - the longest Angela has ever been without. Angela has led a fairly... active life. Although she is picky.

Modern 'Art'

The crushed cube is now at the Jeffersonian and the intern, Daisy Wick, from "The Man in the Outhouse" is back (and still annoying). Cam forgot to warn Brennan. The problem is extracting the remains from the cube without compromising the remains. The immediate suspects are that it's Mob-related, and the company that sent the car to be crushed had sent another five in previously. Are there another five bodies waiting to be discovered? The car actually came from a gallery. The other crushed cars are 'sculptures.' There is blood all over the gallery, but that's from a 'performance artist' who uses pig blood.

The Body is that of the Artist

The artist in question had been talking about making himself a part of the work. And it seems the remains are those of the artist. The owner of the gallery says that it was clearly self-inflicted. Brennan does not like her. The individual in the crushed car was taking an awful lot of drugs, was clinically depressed, and also had a rival. Said rival finds the death hilarious.


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An Old Friend of Angela's is a Suspect

As Hodgins is about to rip the car apart with the jaws of life, he is prevented. A temporary injunction has been granted stating that the junk is a historic piece of art. The 'art' can only be examined visually. Which requires some innovation. Which also backfires. The dead man's assistant is an old friend of Angela's - and was allegedly his girlfriend. As well as his sole beneficiary. However, she is gay - and was part of Angela's active life. Angela isn't happy that her friend is considered a suspect.


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Turning Art into a Crime Scene

Suicide seems the most likely, but if they can prove murder without dismantling the piece of art, it ceases being a work of art and transmutes into a crime scene.

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