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"The Twist in the Twister" is episode five of season seven of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the body of a storm chaser is found in a summer camp.

Not the Best Job Interview

A young woman is applying for a job at a summer camp. She isn't giving that good an impression to the woman she is seeking employment from - she only lasted a few days at camp herself due to watching Friday 13th - and keeps tripping over things. Finally, she trips and falls and the older woman leans down to give her a hand - and starts screaming. When she sees where she has landed, the girl starts screaming as well.


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Tornado Body Dump

The body has suffered a lot of different injuries, and has also been impaled on a fence post. None of these are the cause of death though. When it's determined roughly how long the victim has been dead, Fisher - back from another loony bin (his description), and living with his overly-cheerful mother as part of the terms of his release - mentions that there were tornadoes in the area at that time. The victim has been dumped from a tornado, but death was from blows to the head.


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A Dead Storm Chaser - Not Killed by a Tornado Though

The dead man, who was reported missing by his brother, was a storm chaser. Death by tornado would seem a likely hazard of the profession, but that does not appear to be how he died. It seems he was murdered and then picked up by a tornado. His armoured, and fairly valuable, motorhome is also missing, but that turns up quite quickly. The dead man's driver was keeping it hostage as he hadn't been paid in a while. The dead man was, however, going to get a half million dollar contract for a filmmaker to ride along with him during storms, and another chaser, a rival of the dead man, could get the contract instead. Booth and Sweets end up quite close to a tornado whilst looking for her. She does say that the dead man owed someone a lot of money.


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Personal Matters

Hodgins and Angela are not getting much sleep because their son, Michael Vincent, doesn't seem to believe in it. Hodgins is partaking of a little too much caffeine as a result. Angela's father is also in town and he wants to spend time with Michael. They don't want Michael overexcited. Booth is being overly protective of Brennan's condition, to the point where he's lying to her and she's getting annoyed.

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