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"The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck" is episode eight of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, bones are found in a truck that exploded, but they appear to have melted.


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The Man in the Exploding Truck

A man is sitting with his eyes closed in the front of a pickup truck when a fire starts in the bed of the vehicle. The man doesn't move, so he's presumably dead, then the truck explodes in a fireball. Now he's definitely dead.

The Bones That Melted?

When the scene is examined and the truck opened up, the bones appear to be fused to the dashboard - and melted. Bones cannot melt. However, they can crystallise, when they've been exposed to a magnesium fire (and magnesium doesn't even need to be lit to catch fire). There is a bullet in the victim, but that isn't what killed him.

Suspicious Trading Card Purchases

The amount of distortion to the bones is going to make facial reconstruction impossible, and the truck's VIN is nearly destroyed. Enough remains that, with the model of truck, they manage to trace it back to a motorcycle repair company where the owner identifies the driver and says he gave him some, valuable, magnesium scrap; they've been friends since childhood and the dead man's wife had been having a go at him about money. She also took out an insurance policy on her husband a week ago, which is convenient timing. Probably too convenient - this makes her too obvious a suspect. The wife says that it was the husband's idea, because they were trying for a baby. The widow seems to have an online shopping problem with trading cards, but she was actually paying over the top prices and buying them all from the same seller. Which looks suspicious.


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Blackmail Money or Murder for Hire?

The widow, a teacher, was buying the cards from one of her students. Which looks like she was paying him to kill her husband. She said it was blackmail as her student found out she was having an affair. With another student. One who works at the same place her husband did, her husband having gotten him the job. This also looks bad, but perhaps in a different way.

Cause of death is still unknown, and the reason for the murder is also unknown as well.


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Personal Matters

Daisy is undergoing her FBI psych evaluation for security clearance to work on cases by herself, and is fretting about it. Which is making her impossible again. Booth wants Hannah to meet Parker; Hannah doesn't know how to deal with children and Parker, without seeing her, has already stated that he hates Hannah. Booth is concerned about this.

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