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"The Warrior in the Wuss" is episode ten of season seven of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the body of a man is found in the woods.


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Lost My Head

Two men are skiving from work and carrying a boat through the woods when one of them gets his foot caught on something. The something turns out to be human remains. Booth wants to get off quickly from the scene so that he can meet Parker's plane. Unfortunately, they are missing the head. So Booth tries to hurry things up, slides down a slope and ends up in a puddle. He does find the missing head though.

Reported Missing

The dead man, once he is identified, had been reported missing by his wife. The man owned his own truck, supplying tools, and was under stress because a new guy was trying to take his route. Including by making fun of his height - the man wore lifts and lied about his height on his driving license.


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Many, Many Tools Matching the Murder Weapon Description

The weapon is roughly identified as being metal and 7" long. When the man giving hassle to the deceased is found, he is asked if he has any items that match the description of the weapon on his van. He sells tools. The answer is definitely yes. Many, many items.


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Issues From Childhood Bullying

The dead man's son had also called the police on his father just prior to his disappearance, after the father tried to start a fight with the karate teacher, after the son and the teacher's son got into it. The father didn't want his son to grow up bullied, so he is perhaps overcompensating. The dead man also shows signs of having gone up against someone proficient in martial arts before he died.

The dead man clearly had some issues caused by his childhood bullying but identifying the actual weapon that killed him proves difficult.

Hodgins and New Equipment

Hodgins has been overspending his budget on new equipment, and Cam wants him to send some of it back (as Hodgins points out he could actually buy the equipment himself, but that's against policy. A stupid policy really, if someone is not allowed to buy a lot of money's worth of new equipment). Hodgins spends quite a bit of time talking about his new equipment.

Parker Seems Off

Booth is perhaps a little concerned regarding how Parker will be with his new sister. Brennan tries to help and suggests a project - finding dead animals, rearticulating them and hanging them up as ornaments. Booth prefers going out for a meal. There is definitely something going on with Parker. It's not what anyone thinks.

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