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"The Yanks in the UK: Part 1" is episode one of season four of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. This is sometimes shown as a two-parter, otherwise as a feature length episode along with the next, "The Yanks in the UK: Part 2". In this episode, Brennan and Booth are visiting the UK.


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Brennan is Giving a Lecture at Oxford University

The episode opens at Oxford University in England (which is true in this case, but Americans have a tendency to use UK and England interchangeably, which they aren't). Brennan is giving a lecture and Booth is asleep. She asks Booth to stand-up (he gave a lecture at Scotland Yard the previous night), and has to shout to wake him. She then makes reference to the events of the previous episode, the season three finale, "The Pain in the Heart", where Zack was revealed to be the new apprentice of the serial killer Gormogon - and had blown himself up. Although he didn't mean for the explosion to be as big as it was and he did give the information needed to find, and kill, Gormogon. Brennan appears to like her host, Dr Wexler - and the feeling may be reciprocated. Said host gets a call about a murder from Scotland Yard and asks Brennan along, and Booth accompanies them.


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A Body in a Car in the Thames

A car is being pulled out of the Thames (the main river and estuary London is on) and there is a body inside. The inspector, Cate Pritchard, in charge was at Booth's presentation and, as Booth points out, gets along with Wexler the same way that he does with Brennan. The body, which is pretty skeletal, is believed to belong to the missing daughter of a rich American, who is living in the UK. The car is definitely hers and she has been murdered. With it being an American citizen, the inspector says that he will undoubtedly want FBI involvement. Booth agrees but wants a gun. Most police in the UK do not regularly carry firearms - most aren't even qualified to do so. Without a gun, he isn't willing to help, so Pritchard says she will try to get him one. The body is shipped back to the Jeffersonian.

A Pregnant Woman Dating the Son of a Duke

The dead girl was dating Lord Harry, the son of a (fictional) duke, one who wanted the relationship kept secret. She was also pregnant when she died. The inspector is pleased to have Booth along to question the duke and his family, as she believes that how he works will throw them off balance. Harry says that the girl, Porscha, had just split up with him. Quite a few motives for murder crop up.


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Angela's Husband Turns Up

At the Jeffersonian, Angela gets a bit of a surprise when her husband, Grayson, turns up - the one whose marriage stopped her marriage in "Stargazer in a Puddle". She kisses him and then asks for a divorce. Angela asks everyone else not to gawk at Grayson like some kind of god, but Cam says he is - the best kind. Sweets does not help either. Grayson does not want to sign the divorce papers, because he's still in love with Angela. Awkward.

More Personal Matters

Wexler and Brennan and Booth and Pritchard seem to like each other. As in really like each other, but will anything come of it?

There is quite a bit of humour in this episode, much with Booth not being able to handle driving in the UK, especially in the really old Mini he hires by accident, tea, wigs worn by the legal profession or British stuff in general. Not a cliff-hanger ending to the episode.

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