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Book is a kind of a collection and group of information, guideline of right, research of knowledge, way of light and many more.  Book is the best way to improve your life which enhances men personality in a high custody.  It is your one of the adorable friend if you take it in your life; and you can keep very pretty expectation with it because it never broke your trust ever.   It is the source of knowledge which incredible change in your way of living, it open the eyes of blind, it has lighting power which makes the life of men pure and clear.

Up going with the wealth of book study make us pure changes mentally for positive outcome. Inclusively in touch with it, never feel alone in their life. Even in coping, at interview for job you don’t feel hesitate if you are having ample information.  In this Global World; every single thing can stop and leave you but your knowledge that you acquired from book never left you at any situation.  So it is kind of grating its value if look in a positive vision.

Likewise; according to our history all the well scientist and great educated they were throwing all their attention in the deep of the book.  So now their names are still alive it’s all because of the great research the made through their study. All thing depend on your warmth desire and enthusiasm toward which you want to achieve otherwise you will see hurdle in your work.  As like we have to create love to go deep to achieve the goal which we have just dreamed. We don’t have to only keep the dream in dream but triumph to make true. 

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i am malika shah. i am the student of BS Eco & Finance. my passion is writing and to be superior in my life. serving for human being is my warmth desire.

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