Books make our life rich and real

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Books make us grow.

Book is the most glorious and valuable phenomenon in the being world. Book transfer experiences of thousands of years from generation to generation.  It causes the people development and makes them more thoughtful about the things. It is as ladder that leads the people toward gloriousness and improvement. People can find the things in books which are not possible to experience and see all in the real life. There is a very popular saying that the nations that do not study, must experiment all the history again.  It means that the book help us to find our way by observing thousands of ways in the centuries of history. 

A book is like a mass media which is transferable and retrievable. The books remarkable, immense, important, sensitive and constructing role is kept in the individual and social sprite of humankind. As we see, all the heavenly religious of the god came and spread by the books; it shows the importance of it.  Studying a book helps you to reach to high grades of knowledge and understanding. The people can get knowledge of the being things and use them to find out about the vague and unspecified matters. The whole people face to some unknown things in their life; book is the only way to make known of them. They need to research, study and go deeper and deeper to solve the unknown thing. All the developments that we see in our surroundings are the results of researching, studying and thinking about the unknown thing in our life. In the process the book role is so highlighted.

Studying increases the level of your knowledge and information. It makes you aware of a whole various issues and helps you to get new skills. By studying the books, a person gets familiarization with the masterpieces which are created before, and help you to make yourself, masterpieces. It help you in your private and social life. It gives you self confidence and the abilities to do more important things. People who study have much stronger and stable ideas about what they think. By writing a book, the writer shares its experiences, knowledge, and opinions with the readers and the readers take their share from the writers’ knowledge and experiences, less or more.

A community without studying is more stagnant and dynamic than static. These are the static communities that can decide for their future and development. So, they focus on curiosity and researches. It makes their community more creative, which is the most important necessity of development.

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