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It is usually said that a PERSON is known by the company he keeps, but I believe that a PERSON is known by the books he keeps for the knowledge and wisdom. Books are kept according to one’s taste and interest. No friend is more loyal than a book. It does not demand, never annoys, never fights but always stands by you, suggests you, helps you and keeps you inquisitive. It makes your mind advanced, keeps on refreshing you. If we make it a hobby to study in leisure time, I think, it is one of the best hobbies that are useful and fruitful for men.

It is compulsory to keep them in a good manner, because, any mistake made with anybody is vulnerable but any mistake made with books are not so. Once a book is destroyed, we can never collect it’s rend pages again and can never make a new book just similar to the first. A book is a silent teacher and we are its silent listeners or students. It is a teaching contact of mind. The words of books do not strike with our ears; they directly hit our minds and refresh them. To keep a huge collection of books is a good job but to read this huge collection of books is a very good job.

Books never fail you. One who makes and then keeps friendship with books, always gains victory. Book is a thing which makes us smile when we are sad, makes us conquered when we are defeated, makes us awakened when we are asleep. Its golden words shine our building of life.