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Bora Bora is a international major tourist destination. Bora Bora is one of the islands of French Polynesialocated in Pacific Ocean. It`s an overseas collectivity of France. Bora Bora is about 230 km northwest ofPapeete Capital of French Polynesia and is surrounded by a barrier reef and a lagoon. Island Bora Bora around 4th century AD was inhabited by Polynesian settlers until 1888 when queen Teriimaevarua IIIabdicate by the French and island was annexed as a colony. Largest city on Bora Bora is Vaitape. More of this information`s you can see on Wikipedia. Today with a lot of resorts economy is driven almost solely by tourism. The top on the list of attractions is Bora Bora Photo Lagoon. Perfect beach, perfect location, perfect weather and perfect memories for honeymooner`s. It`s ideal place for unforgettable wedding. It`s like magical place on Earth.


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