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I'm sure it's been said, but I just can't help but to wonder if the wonder of technology isn't partly to blame for all this devastation - all the hurt and pain that seems to be ever-prevalent in our "normal-people-every-day-lives?"

I am certainly not an expert and I'm sure some of you actually hold the answers - I only, in true earnest, pose the question - is it the technology advancing the hatred or is it only that we hear about it so quickly and see it so blatantly in our lives because of said technologies?
Today I heard that a kidney was grown in a lab - in Boston.  There was also other news in Boston today.  I'm sure I don't have to repeat what happened, because it's already been about four hours - everyone knows.  I have an app on my iphone that alerts me to all of CNN's breaking news.  I live in London - 5000 miles away from my family in Los Angeles and, unless any one of them was sitting in front of the television (which I doubt they were at that exact moment,) I most likely knew about the news that happened on their soil before they did.  I might have known about the bombings before some of the people crossed the finish line.  ...And in a way, yes, I do think this is all amazing.  I don't know anyone in Boston.  But I do know LA.  And even though I have an app on my iphone that tells me the news in an instant, I am still a 10.5 hour plane ride from my family - from the people I love most in this world.
And thus, my question, again... I am 26 years old.  I have a facebook, several email addresses, three blogs and (as of today), a twitter account (which I've, apparently, already abused and from which I've been suspended - all in the matter of a few hours.)  I grew up in Colorado and was in eighth grade when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris opened fire on their classmates at Columbine.  Eighth grade was a big year from me - I got to go on the Washington, D.C. trip, I had a cute boyfriend (though, turns out he was very gay), and my parents got divorced.  And then came 9/11 and Virginia Tech and Arizona and Aurora.  And I care - I think we all care... but the thing is, and I actually hate to admit it, but I don't remember them all that well.  I can't forget Newtown... I think about those babies all of the time - but, they're new still.  You may correct me (and please do), but I think it just has to be true that as technology has gotten more and more advanced, our access to killing has as well.  And our attention spans have gotten shorter and our compassion has been fatigued.  There has always been war - and murder in the name of war.  What happened today in Boston might be an act of war.  And my theory might be completely unfounded. ...But I do worry.  My nephew is three and even though I can't understand a thing he says, the other day I watched him as he took my mother-in-law's ipad, unlocked it and found his way to youtube to watch an episode of his favorite show.  He's three.  
And yet, here's something amazing.  Technology at it's finest.  

To everyone effected by today's bombings - I'm so sorry and you and your family are in my thoughts.  And to my family - you're only a message, a ping, a post away... I love you and I miss you.  Perhaps we can Skype when you wake up tomorrow.



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