Boy Scout

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 Really Boy Scout is a British association. Lord Baden Powell established it in 1910. The objective of organization is very decent. Its main aim is to train the boys for life. It Pullman them to perform their duties well. It makes them responsible citizens. They become frank, answerable and punctual. The boys who join the organization state under pledge that they would observe good morals. They would be dedicated to God, to their country and to humanity.

To attend humans would be their first worry. They would not limit themselves to a country or a religion. To aid the suffering humans would be their soul profession. The Boy Scout observes the high logic of molarity. Their comportment with people remains good. They help the needy and the poor. They are ever ready to pacify the disappointments of others. They martyr their sleep for the rest of others.

They rub the tears of despicable. They remain ready for any crisis. But it is organization that makes them so. It is an extremely positive and healthy movement. It should be encouraged particularly in poor countries. There are the free social services of boy could be very useful in solving the wide spread social problems.

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