Brain Hacking- Are You Hacked?

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About seven months ago,

I posted the article: Are you addicted to social media and your cellphones?

In that article I shared a video with the award-winning actor Denzel Washington asking an intriguing question:

“Are you using the device, or the device using you?


Smart Phone Addiction 

With so many affordable smartphones available in the market today, more and more people are getting hooked to social media and even just to the basic cellphones that are capable of sending and receiving text messages.

Even people who are earning less than the minimum pay owns a cellphone. 

The young generation today or what we call the millennials are the ones who are actually hooked to this amazing technology.

These kids seem like they cannot live through a day without a cellphone.


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The question is, why are cell phones and social media so addictive? Why are we hooked to it? Is it coincidental? Or were they intentionally designed to get us hooked?

Are You Hacked?

In the next edition of my Querlo Chat,  let us discuss more about brain hacking, and how are they doing it. 


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Let's find out through this Querlo Chat.


I hope you enjoyed this chat-blog.


Probably it shocked you to realize that product designers are intentionally designing the gadgets and apps to get you addicted.  We are hooked to the frequent "Bing" each time our social media receives a message or likes.

They are actually exploiting the very nature of our brain and use it to subconsciously control us just to make more money.

But there is always a way out. 

Moderation is the key!

Next time, we will explore some ways how to take back control and learn how to use the device in moderation and not let it use us.

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