Brave Men and Barve Dogs

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This is a real story about a cold place in America that is called Alaska. It snows as much as it

closes the ways.

It was winter and the people of a village in Alaska were sick.

Many people were dying and they had no medicine.

The village was far from the big city and the road was not open in the cold winter weather.

Brave men were taking medicine to the village, but the trip to the village was vary difficult.

The weather was bad.

The wind was cold and it was always snowing.

The men carried the medicine in small heavy sleds.

In front of the sleds they tied dogs and the dogs pulled the sleds with the medicine through the snow.

The dogs ran quickly, but they became wet and cold.

The men tied warm coats on the backs of the dogs.

But the wind went through the coats and the dogs almost froze.

They became tired and almost died in the cold snow.

But the tired dogs pulled the sleds through the snow, until they arrived with the medicine at the village.

Then the people took the medicine from the men on the sleds and many people became well again.

The people of the village were vary grateful to the brave men and their dogs.


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