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Afghanistan In My heart - Bravery In Unity

Bravery In Unity is a short film by Jamil Yosufi that shows Afghan's nationality. From 31 millions of Afghanistan's population there are peoples with different culture & nationality all living together like, Hazara,Pushtun, Tajik, Uzbek,....etc. the goal is to inspire them forget confliction, prejudice and struggling between their selves. Unity make them strong enough to build and protect their country.

Bravery Is In Unity :)

I took this images with REDMX Camera @4K

Bravery In Unity

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I tell stories. Sometimes those stories take the form of a documentary or music video, sometimes they’re in the form of a short film. JAMIL YOSUFI (born August 2, 1988) is an Afghan film director, DP & Visual FX , 3D Artist. He is a freelance filmmaker, director, Visual FX…

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