Brazilian Military technology for building schools in Afghanistan

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Brazilian Military technology for building schools in Afghanistan

A new gun will be added to battle counterinsurgency in Afghanistan. And it's made in Brazil. The A-29 Super Tucano is a light air support aircraft produced in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo state, for a private company I used to visit some years ago: Embraer.

Super Tucano ("toucan", in English) has being used on advanced training role, reconnaissance and light attack. At least 10 countries have purchased the A-29 (including United States) and other 16 are considered potencial operators. Afghanistan's on the list.

U.S. Air Force has approved a $350 million contract that will provide the Afghan air force with 20 Super Tucano and ground training devices. NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan commander, the Brazilian aircraft was "tailor made" for the Afghan's counterinsurgency mission.

"The Tucano is the most kinetic, most offensive aircraft they'll have, and I'm sure a big morale boost to the troops on the ground when they see it overhead. It's the right kind of platform for the terrain, the fight and most importantly, it's easy to sustain," he said. 

Brazil offers turboprop aircrafts and all associated maintenance and support equipment. Toucans 
will be flying Afghan aerospace next years, according to NATO authorities.

In a safe place (or safest possible), local and international companies will be building schools in Afghanistan and also creating business opportunities. Obviously, it depends on security. Development and security are like twin brothers. Or more than this. One does't live without the other.

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