Brazilian Women Got Kitchen Knife Stuck In Her Head and She Survived

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A Brazilian women was rushed to hospital after his ex-boyfriend stabbed her with a kitchen knife in forehead. The knife was stacked in her foreheads, luckily she survives and able to identify the culprit. The victim was Alcileide Rodrigues dos Santos was found by officers setting on a bench unconscious in San Pedro, San Paolo. The victim suffering from pain while the knife embedded into her skull.

She was then rushed to hospital for proper treatment. Despite of her horrifying injuries shes able to describe the events to police officer who investigate the incident. She named the attacker as Roberto martins dos Anjos, her ex boyfriend.

She and his ex-boyfriend had an argument before she was stabbed by the dos Anjos. Still she has the strength to carry on the pain where she sat down at nearby bench where the office found her. Thought the knife missed her brain but her eyes was totally damaged.

This is indeed one of the survival among those incidents happened related to this one. Our head is a critical part of our body where our brain is located. There are only few people who survived once they got serious injury in head.


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