Breathing apparatus precaution (part 1)

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Never use a cylinder that is less than 80% full.

To perform high pressure leak test; close cylinder valve fully – by pulling down and rotating hand wheel.

Ensure that pressure reading on gauge does not fall by more than 10 bars in one minute.

Fully open cylinder valve.

Remove stud from tongue of forehead strap on face piece.

Ensure that your hair is swept back and place face into face piece.

Pull harness back over head and pull straight back on bottom strap, then top strap.

Make sure that they are pulled straight back and not outward.

Check that a satisfactory seal exists on face piece and that low pressure warning – whistle – operates at correct pressure.

Take gauge in left hand, put your right hand behind you and turn cylinder valve on, by pulling down and rotating hand wheel.

Start to breath very slowly to exhaust air from system.

Whistle should operate at between 50 and 55 bars.




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