Brexit; So They Really Had No Clue?

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Many years ago there was a restaurant which became the centre of the universe.  It was jammed almost every day with 'name brand'  people.   

Everyone loved the place, and because I know something about business, I knew it was due to the manager.

He knew how to attract guests, how to keep them.  A free glass of lemonade which didn't cost the restaurant 10c would get customers who paid $100.   Giving a free taste of a new dish would get demand.

The restaurant may have started as just a common stop by, but it grew until it became a meeting place.  

Various important organisations would hold their meetings there.  They had private parties, and it was so comfortable that people didn't mind being squeezed together because the mood was great.

The Manager, after the first year of his contract told the owner that he needed a new car.

The Owner drove a jeep, his wife drove a jeep, even his brother drove a jeep; the manager drove a faded old car.

"You don't have to increase my salary, just buy me a car."

The owner, stupid, cheap, and this being his first venture into business said he couldn't afford it.

The manager left and got a job at a major hotel.

Within a few months that restaurant began to plunge.  It was empty, no one wanted to go there any more, and the business tanked.  It tanked so badly that the building was sold, cleaned out and a set of offices replaced it.

The owner, inexperienced, stupid, did not realise that the manager made the business.  The manager was the reason he drove a jeep, his wife drove a jeep and his brother drove a jeep.

In discussions of failed business models, this restaurant is always mentioned.  

How could a place go from number 1 to out the door so quickly?

The reason, the owner had no clue what made a business and what didn't.  The owner couldn't manager a patty stand.   But he, who didn't know better, learned the hard way.

I give this anecdote as an introduction to my discussion of Brexit.  How people who don't have a clue make the wrong decisions and then suffer the consequences.

If you had told me in May that those who pushed for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union had absolutely no idea whatsoever what would happen if the vote was "Out".

In every vote where there is more than one side; (after all you have the joke votes where there is only one candidate and everyone has to vote for him or gets killed) one always makes contingency plans.

What if Trump wins?  Must be considered by most Americans.  They can't wave a hand and say, nahhh...impossible.   It is possible, and so one must consider what happens..  if...

As time passes it becomes crystal clear that absolutely no one with power in England had any idea what would happen if the people voted to Leave.   Not a single idea.

The 'Out' advocates expected to lose, and were virtually 'banking' on it.  But they won. And now?

Everyone is racing to resign.  Everyone is running through the door as if on the Titanic.  

Those of us, in the 3rd and 4th World stare in shock, because who would have expected that the U.K. could be run by such idiots?



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