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Brothers in Arms 3 :  Sons of War

Gameloft’s latest game, Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War, will be launching soon on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The strategy game requires you to create a platoon with a specific skill mix to finish a given mission.

Choosing the right “brother in arms” is crucial, with skills including airstrike, minefield, molotov cocktails, mortar, rocket launchers, etc …

There are 12 brothers in total, though not all are available from the start of the game. They can be further improved in the areas of recovery time, damage, stun duration, area of ??effect and more, making for an interesting mix of lemmings and tower defence.



Free to roam

"The gameplay we showed at E3 last year used on-rail movement which we decided to change following the feedback we received in focus groups," he reveals.

Now the game enables players to move freely through the environments. Bonnard argues that this hasn't changed the basic flow, however.

"It did not change the core experience," he says.

"The character is controlled with a D-pad which allows players to move freely.


"We then have the complimentary cover system which gets the character to cover automatically once you get close to a marked cover position, so, you actually have a nice balance between freedom which enables strategic decisions and automation which allows for a faster, more action-oriented gameplay."

D-Day coming

Obviously this change has had a knock-on impact in terms of the game's development cycle though, which accounts for the information blackout during 2014.

Gameloft hasn't yet confirmed the game's release date, but it expects to announce its plans soon.

In the meantime, Arnaud Bonnard is keen to discuss why he thinksBrothers in Arms 3 will find an audience within the very crowded touchscreen shooter genre.

"Its action cover-based gameplay makes for a particularly different experience because you're not always concentrated on running and gunning, but you are also encouraged to make tactical decisions, like deciding when to take cover, when to shoot from behind it and when to advance," he says.

This gameplay is mixed with sniper and stealth missions for variation, while the whole game is designed to be played in mobile-friendly bite-sized tactical action sequences.

Throw in 12 'Brother' characters, each of which offers some light-RPG action in terms of their special actions, and Gameloft believes it has a game that will demonstrate a bad game released on time remains bad despite its punctuality, whereas a good game that's a  bit late isn't remembered for being late.

Here is the Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War - latest Trailer [Gameloft]



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