Brown Pelican Bird

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  • History:

   The Brown pelecaniform seabird could be a funny elegant bird with associate outsized bill, curving neck, and big, dark body. Squadrons glide higher than the surf on southern and western coasts, rising and falling in an exceedingly sleek echo of the waves.

They feed by plunge-diving from high, mistreatment the force of impact to stun tiny fish before scooping them up. they\'re fairly common today—an wonderful example of a species’ recovery from chemical pollution that after placed them at the brink of extinction.

  • Cool Facts:

      While the Brown pelecaniform seabird is exhausting the water from its bill when a dive, gulls typically attempt to steal the fish right out of its pouch—sometimes whereas perching on the pelican\'s head. Pelicans themselves don\'t seem to be higher than stealing fish, as they follow fishing boats and lurk around piers for handouts.


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