Brownies - Taste passionate believers donated chocolate

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Each small piece of cake brownies, soft and moist dark chocolate would cause you're fascinated to enjoy it!

By far, chocolate is considered as secondary raw materials in the world inspired cuisine, especially for the pudding. Taste sweet, bitter incense ambiguous both charming and characteristic brown ball made countless people delusion. Not only that, chocolate is also proven to be greatly beneficial effects for human health such as cardiovascular benefit, create excitement for the brain, contains antioxidants and more efficient ...

Returning to the brownie, cake is said to have originated from the United States in the 19th century that time, their main ingredient is fairly simple: just include brown sugar, pureed walnuts, a little jam covered surface tomorrow. At that time, people also call this cake is blondie brownie, not like now.

Over time, the formula for gradual brownie cake complete with background materials required are indispensable pure chocolate. Each slice tasty textured soft foam with moisture just fine as cake again just crunchy enough as biscuits have become extremely familiar with the sweet tooth customers worldwide today

Actually to make brownie absolutely not difficult, you can manually tested their baking. All materials to be used only to: pure chocolate (or cocoa powder), unsalted butter, eggs, flour versatile, nuts (optional). Dissolve and mix the two sentences "mantra" in the important process of implementing this cake. After being mixed with finely chopped like that, you just pour them into molds, for the oven, wait for cooked and enjoy the end product only

Because this cake brings extremely characteristic taste of chocolate should be a perfect combination if you try it with a little cream or drink a glass of fresh milk together for an energetic breakfast or a snack filled regular, sweet and wonderful there


- Bitter chocolate 170g
- 160g unsalted butter
- 400g finely ground sugar
- 4 eggs
- 15ml vanilla essence
- 160g flour
- 2.5g salt
- 5g baking powder



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