Brutal Act of Landlord

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Its unacceptable. One kid aged 10 years visits tube well of his neighbor due to heat to take shower but this kid was son of employee of the landlord. The landlord finds out out and he felt so angry about that at first the landlord puts hot water on kid and after that left him in the tube well engine which resulted in that the boy lost both his arms & he became handicapped at the age of 10. After doing this the landlord took the boy to the hospital and donated his blood but the child was handicapped, the landlord did all this due to fear. This brutal incident took place in the village of gujrat named as chak bhola and the landlord ghulam mustafa aka khanuni was the culprit. At first police didn't filed a report but when the family reached the media & every news channel reported that incident, this forced police to report the incident and the landlord was arrested instantly. The cheif minister of punjab took notice of that incident and demanded quick action on it. The worst thing is that police won't investigate this matter because the child belongs to the poor family. If the boy wouldn't be handicapped than all he can do is go to the landlord and ask for pardon that he won't do such thing again. 


All i want to say is neither out country is islamic nor democratic and not also the old version of pakistan. It is another country which our greedy and selfish politicians made in which kids are being handicapped and put these kids in the list of un-employed. The funniest thing is our politicians and government hardly noticed that. In an independent state like pakistan this brutal incident took place and  those heard about it they felt sorry about it. All they did saw is thanks to Almighty Allah that kid had both his legs and their ruling is secure.   



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