Budding collection

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Budding collection

The fall of man, I still remember. We bring a collection of strange that favor, to the point of always writing something while new budding collection.


This years too early, sliding into the cool night shirt, I pulled the blanket to cover that still does not cover the immense well-covered walls.

This collection, not sicken dream nor deep deep sadness, an immense collection with everyday worries, a simple dream of a couple of times she likes challenges and experiences, now turned legs faltered on do not know how to go forward?

This collection, short hair no personality, no shoes on platform soles naive, I tried to draw more dark eyes, pale lips, high heels sandals buckled deviation alone hiding in a small cafe, gnawing the unfinished book, neglected throughout the summer flaming fence. The Star asked curiously missing swear shoulder length hair, who waited many years to see rather not feel? The stars say no more lipstick dark sad eyes do not get the other deserted world? I just said quietly laughing, habits and so did not know whether to fix or not?

Budding collection

Autumn winds brought about before the schedule, who sat quietly tapped to write posts while I strummed sneezing as above. He sat beside you giggling silently guess or remember anyone ever dared open? Yeah, like that price, many years before, at about the medication pray morning woke up full of enthusiasm to continue, so-called continuing tomorrow.

This years' absence takes one person, throughout half a world away, but the heart that yet. Remember the day together walking city, this restaurant bar in her pants desperately chasing so-called "fashion wise". He orders us to passionately enthusiastic, so engrossed bottom line throughout the day collecting autumn wind rustling. The fall of man, I still remember, there is always the church lemon tea, classic floral skirt and a sharp eye are featured. A fall that now his only one property, so that deserted and alienated too!

Yeah, yeah, we bring a collection of strange that favor, in the year would have to write something while new budding collection. Do not know for beautiful autumn, cold, sad, or because it is our season of birth? Thu Nguyen's name for years or older and thus familiar instead of the usual H's. Thu it, which makes people peaceful feeling so excited because the indescribable aimlessly. Leave a old wish this wish would collect revenue before other lots, will erase the habits, turning strangers into relatives, turning the gaze away part of the cold, long time, so we do not get a line of communication between people.

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