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Have you ever wanted to create your own game console because the Xbox one or PlayStation 4 is not quite what you're wanting? Creating your own console will require a lot of work and an excellent knowledge of programming and electronics. But with some dedication and purpose, you are already on your way to creating the console you want.

Here is what i got for creating my own gaming console & surely editing system.

  • RAM. Usually two gigabytes will be plenty, but if you want a fast running system I recommend going at least with eight gigabytes or more.
  • An incredibly nice video card. This will usually run for about $400 dollars, but it will be worth it and your game run smoother and faster. I bought 2 Geforce GTX 760 and made them SLI. Perfect! better than GTX Titan.
  • Ordered a gaming motherboard from B&H - MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming with support of SLI- 4th CPU Gen and 32 GIG ram.
  • Intel Quad Core I7 processor, 4770K @ 3.50GHZ - love its performance.
  • A 750 watt PSU from EVGA - For creating Sli I got 2 Geforce GTX 760, need more juice!
  • BenQ 120HZ monitor +3D vision support, 24" display. support Perfect dynamic range.
  • A good CPU with lots of fans for cooling my PC hardware.

Assembled all the materials, by the way i was IT officer before! love to know everything.

Here is my Hardware before & after assembling.

Motherboard, GTX 760 both is 4GB, EVGA PSU, CPU COre i7 4770K

Love the Dragon mark on the cooling part of motherboard!

Assembled everything after an hours. look at all red,black cable connected around.

Dual Geforce GTX 760 in SLI.

Gaming starts........Battlefield 4

Thanks :)

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