Build the future of your Dreams

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                You dream to become a sportsman….

You dream to become a teacher……

You dream to become trainer…..

You dream to get fame….

You dream to become scientist….

You dream to become an Engineer……

You dream to become the president of your country…..

        All of your dreams can come true. You just have to make your mind to get your dreams. Chase your dreams.

        Dream is the only thing behind all the new inventions and innovation of this world. A dream changes to idea. When the idea gets the attention of peoples, it is converted into reality and about idea it is well said that no one can stop the idea whose time has come.

        But here we have to discuss about dreams. How could you get in to any bus and train, whose destination is not known to you? You will definitely try to know where it is going. But the bus you have to take for whole of your life seems directionless if you have no dreams.What else if not dreams? How could you come to know that what do you want to do? Dreams are not the important thing to set your path; it is the only thing to do so.

         Let’s think of your life without dreams. Why do you go to schools, colleges and universities? Why do you want a white collar job? Why do you want to have family? Why do you work hard for your reputation?

The answer is only dreams but unconscious dreams. You unconsciously dream to get degree of your choice, to have good money in your pocket, to have a well established family life and to have good name after you. These all are the dreams but to have a big and clear dream is the main thing. In other words it is known as Aim or Goal….!

        To build the future of your dreams, you need to follow some radical steps.

Set a Clear goal:

        Set a bright, clear and doubtless aim of your life. be careful in choosing the goals. We often fail because we don’t choose our field wisely. If you are good at something and you want to do professionally; you should go for it. You have to make sure that your passion and professions are same. 

Never degrade your dream.   

                After setting your clear goal, never degrade your goal. If you were clear in mind while setting your dream, you must go for it what so ever. If you will once degrade your dream, you would not be able to set a big goal again.

Make Your Mind to face the problems:

                Big dreams are never easy to get. That’s why they are called big dreams. When your dream is not only for you but also for others, it becomes harder to get it. But for a Dreamer and an optimist, it’s a challenge and they love to take challenges. So learn to take risks in your life to get your dreams.

Don’t care what others say:

                You can easily come to know, who your well wisher is. He would always pack you up for your dreams. There would definitely be a group of leg pullers. They would always try to degrade your dream. You have to avoid such people. Don’t care what they say. Carry on your journey to your dream land, tackling all the red signals.

Be consistent:

        Consistency is the most important factor for doing anything. You have to keep yourself consistent. You should never be fad up of your hard work.

Don’t expect results too quickly:

                Last but not the least thing is to be patience. Why most of people fail in life? The answer is very simple that they expect quick result and for this purpose they use unfair means which eventually lead them to their failure.




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