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Shortly after launching my blog I went on a marathon backlink building session and successfully submitted my blog to 50 free web directories. Since then I've regularly updated my list of free Directory sites and removed everything that was no longer free or has lapsed in quality.

Sure, directory submission is a very boring job, but its totally worth doing. And submitting my blog to the free directories in this list i will share with you was actually the first active link building exercise i did. I chose to do this first because it can take months to get your submission approved or listed on the directory sites.

So after scraping the internet for free web directories , i squeezed 76 potential candidates into a excel spreadsheet. Most of the list found from Google search were either duplicates or very out of date. The most up-to-date web directory i found had hardly any new listings on the site.

So i decided to create my own web directory and combine it with a gaming site to see if it would attract any gamers to browse through the site . I have taken a screen shot of the Directory site and posted it below. If you wanna check it out and post your site on there , your welcome to do so. Web Site Listings

And if you are looking for more Web directory s where you can post your site to , have posted the list on my blog for other to use. My Blog

Let me know what you think about the website.

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