Building School in Herat city by helping FilmAnnex

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As you know Afghan citadel made computer room and prepared  internet for girls at school in Herat that is so good for them and has so much benefited for them because by using internet they can whats understand going on in the world and also they can search about their subjects from i was member once in one school it was a good experience and i enjoyed a lot that i doing something for my people it was  hatifi high school,that time was my semester holiday that i went Afghanistan and after opening that school i   comeback  to India and i m so happy that i worked at least once in this process hope that FilmAnnex continuous this process in Afghanistan because we need this kind of help thank you FilmAnnex.

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I am laleh farzan from Afghanistan I graduated from Computer Science faculty of Herat University now I am doing Msc(computer Science) in India.

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