Building schools in Afghanistan to facilitate education of women in Afghanistan

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Education of women in Afghanistan is one of the initiatives that Allied NATO forces and aid organizations are working very hard at in the past decade. The country that has been through 3 decades of harsh war and has seen brutal suppression of basic rights including right to education of women in Afghanistan. The problem is not only of inadequate school infrastructure, of facilities but also an acute shortage of teachers. Aid organizations have been working tirelessly towards building schools in Afghanistan and also in training more teachers. It is a long and tedious process.

Building schools in Afghanistan also helps the local economy by providing them jobs. Construction material is always sourced locally. The construction work is also done by local workforce giving them employment. And, it is the children of the area who benefit in terms of education. Local education is absolutely essential for economic progress and also for peace in Afghanistan. US military has also spent more than $1 bn. for education in Afghanistan till now.

Film Annex has joined hands with Citadel Software Corporation to build internet classrooms in Afghanistan. They painstakingly undertake the entire process and begin by painting the room, renovating it, putting up curtains and furniture. And of course, putting in new systems along with internet and necessary accessories. All the work is done under their own supervision and by locals. In the video above you see how a brand new internet classroom was built from scratch in Malika Jalali School in Herat, Afghanistan. The video shows step-by-step how the internet classroom came about.

Such internet classrooms are almost like windows to the world for many Afghani girls and boys. For some of them, it is their first exposure to internet and its amazing world. Through Film Annex and Afghan Citadel Software Corporation, Afghani children get their first peek into social media, blogs, online websites and get a chance at getting information, sharing stories and also in becoming a world citizen. Thanks to such initiatives which have now culminated into opening of 7 such internet classrooms in Afghanistan, education for women in Afghanistan has gone beyond classroom teaching.

Film Annex’s Afghanistan Development Project is a great step in enabling more meaningful education for women in Afghanistan.

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