Bukidnon DIY Trip Day 2 : Enjoying Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm

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Hello, bitLanders! Here I am again with a day two for my travel blog. The recent trip to Bukidnon still makes me feel like we had a very short time, I still would like to stay in a cold place, feel the breeze which touches my face, the sweet music of the birds around and drink freshly brewed local Arabica coffee free to all the farm guests and visitors.

Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

The stay at Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm was unforgettable, time swift super fast that I didn't realize it already ended of our day one while chilling inside our room, that's the hobbit house. Our hobbit house experience, of course, was well documented on my previous blog. Check this out:

How is it Staying in a Hobbit House?

Let me then share with you how our second day went while in Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao.

• Infinity Swing at Sunrise •

Image credits: StillsandMotion via Facebook

Perhaps it was due to the cold weather, or maybe it was because James and I were both tired after not having enough sleep the previous night and even drained out due to the land travel from Cagayan De Oro to Imbayao where Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm is located, so we didn't get to wake up when our alarms started beeping.

It was only until Mr. Benjamin Maputi Jr. called out our attention from outside that it was almost sunrise. No, we don't want to miss this opportunity so we hopped out immediately and saw the skies already turning red and yellow, like that of a master painting.

It was still 5:30 AM, as per Ben, the sun rises here pretty early because it is a highland area thus, the sky is already pretty even at early dawn. James ran towards the Guava tree house where he set up his camera for timelapse. Then we went straight to the farm's infinity swing which was the perfect spot to be during this time of the day.

Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

Both James and Ben ordered that I swing and they'll take photos of me. The swing isn't dangerous, in fact, I had a great time while watching the rising of the sun. Its totally amazing to see its circular shape popping out of the horizon, between the beautiful mountains of Bukidnon.

• Pictorial Session •

"Take photos or it never happened."

 Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

When the sun was already up and the clouds started hovering it, James and I went ahead and took our time photographing each other, either he takes photos of me or I take a photo of him or we take a couple photo. We took all our time as we were not able to do this the first day that much due to the rain.

We started at the hobbit houses, there were few other visitors who started arriving. We made sure our own room was locked though before anybody else could get in. Then we went over to the hanging bridge which was a new addition to this photography opportunity corners. There was the magic carpet, the other swings, and tree houses.

Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

We didn't forget the nest too and furthermore when we were already a little hungry, we went back to our room as our breakfast was delivered to us by the workers of the farm.

• Breakfast and Coffee •

Food excites us as much as travel. Both James and I were hungry from all the walking, posing and exploring Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm. We made our way to our wooden table outside the room, said our thanks and ate our sunny side up, steamed rice and hotdogs! I didn't have a choice but eat the egg, I don't like hotdogs though.

Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

But the best part was the coffee! It was still cold at seven in the morning so we made sure we have coffees. The farm treats all guests with freshly brewed aromatic Arabica coffee in which the beans are grown, harvested, roasted and manually pounded by local workers of Mt. Kitanglad Agro Eco Farm. I have personally watched one of the workers pound a kilo of newly roasted coffee beans and when she delivered it to us this morning, she proudly said it was the coffee she worked yesterday that's being brewed.

Those coffee lovers out there will surely love visiting the farm because the coffees are served FREE and UNLIMITED! Tell me if that's not a good reason to visit the farm!

Check Out and Travel Back to Malaybalay Proper

Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

Our check out time was at 12 noon however, we still have another place to go which was Kampo Juan. We arranged a room there a few days ago.

I was in contact with the "habal-habal" drivers who drove us to the farm the previous day, we agreed they'll come and pick us up at 11 AM and they did arrive before time. The normal charge for this trip was at Php 150 but we decided to pay them at Php 250 per way per head because of how challenging the road was. James understood how hard it is to drive in such condition.

We arrived at the Sumpong intersection just ten minutes before 12 noon and it was perfect to eat lunch again. We found ourselves on our way to Le Cafe.

• Le Cafe Snack Lunch •

Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

Found Le Cafe just opposite the Rizal Park in Malaybalay City. I thought it was a simple small cafe but I was astonished to find that it has more rooms than I imagined!

From a simple eight-table room, I hopped into a separate "fashionista" type of area with cute cups, wall decor, plate collections, and candy-colored tables and walls.

Further to the counter, I was brought into another surprise as I saw yet another room which was more of a dessert type of cafe, with cakes, cupcake accessories and playful designs. I guess I was treated with a cafe in a cafe type of experience at that time.

Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

As soon as our orders arrived, we started eating. The pricing here was really affordable! James loved his Lasagna which costs only Php 100+ and my Spaghetti Carbonara was also very cheap but with a huge serving! It included a stick bread which reminded me of childhood days.

Image credits: Jean Beltran Figues via Facebook

To finish off, we ordered a piece of their Chocolate Cake, this one I didn't like that much, I could feel the sugar in every chew and although I try to have it melt in my mouth, I felt like I was taking in a lot of sugar so I only took a few bites.

• Cancellation of Kampo Juan Reservation in Manolo, Fortich •

It was only at 1 PM when we were able to take a bus towards Manolo, Fortich. I was in contact with my uncle and he instructed us to drop by Alae. He picked us up upon arrival, we reached their home in Damilag and it was good to be in fellowship with cousins and relatives whom I have not seen for years.

Video credits: Rialyn Sobrepeña via YouTube

However, as we were already ready to get back to Manolo, Fortich for our Kampo Juan stay, my uncle insisted we should instead stay in their house because it was raining and Kampo Juan is still very far from Damilag. As much as I would like to really go to Kampo Juan, we decided to just stay and change our plans instead.

So our day ended that way. Damilag still has a cold weather and I ended up using my jacket to warm myself. The next day, we woke up very early to go to Dahilayan Forest Park which I will talk about next time.


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