Bukidnon DIY Trip Day 3: Whole Day at Dahilayan

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Bukidnon has a lot to offer, there are those which are already very well known while some spots are still trying to boost its name. Our second day in Bukidnon was supposed to be spent in Kampo Juan however, due to some of the time constraint and weather concerns, we decided to just stay instead in Damilag where my relatives are located.

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Since we were already in Damilag, we had no other place to go but to Dahilayan, what is referred to as the "little Baguio of Mindanao". Hopped in today as I narrate how our third day went. This is also our last day in the province and I also included a short story about our trip back home to Cebu.

Bukidnon DIY Trip Day 3: Whole Day at Dahilayan

What's great about staying in your relative's home while on a trip is that you'll cut off on some expenditures like accommodation and even meals! Aside from that, if the tourist spots around the area is a few kilometers away from that relative's house, then you can also just borrow their vehicle. The same happened during our stay.

According to Google Maps, Dahilayan Adventure Park is just 28 minutes away from Damilag. That's not very far, at least for me and I know there isn't any traffic or whatever in the area so delays caused by such won't also happen. Plus, the road towards the adventure park is just straight, like we won't get lost at all while on our way there.

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So, we hopped into the Honda XRM motorcycle owned by my uncle, made sure it has enough gas and traversed the straight concrete road of Damilag to Camp Philips to Dahilayan at 5:30 AM. It was already bright at that time which means the sun has already risen that early.

Camp Philips is very interesting, it is a privately owned area but it is available for the public. This is where Del Monte products especially the pineapples are being produced. So as we pass by it, we found arrays of housings bearing the same designs but of different colors. I like how they were separated and given their own lawns and parking spots too! Their houses are quite spacious, I personally love that they can make their own garden in their front or backyard.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

There's also a pineapple landmark right before entering Camp Philips, its guarded too because again, it is a private entity.

The road was spacious, two lanes but it felt like we were the only ones driving along, there are some vehicles passing by every now and then, we flew the drone to give us a view of the above because the pineapples are grown here in such huge land and they got forms too which were interesting.

Dahilayan Pinegrove Mountain Lodge

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Since we were up very early, we didn't have the time to have breakfast at my uncle's house. James suggested we eat at the park's hotel restaurant instead which I agreed. We came to Dahilayan Pinegrove Mountain Lodge which is next to the Dahilayan Forest Park and of which some of their adventure rides are located such as the Dropzone, Python Roller Zipride and it also has a beautiful area full of pine trees.

The lodge's breakfast starts at seven in the morning until ten. We arrived 30 minutes before so we pre-ordered while I roam around the area, taking photographs of the ambiance outside and inside their restaurant. It was modern with a touch of a woody feel, it really looked like I was in Baguio especially that there were pine trees around the vicinity plus the weather was very cold.

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The options were very limited, most are meat like pork and beef, no chicken on the menu but eggs so I had no option but to order scrambled eggs, coffee, and my garlic rice. James ordered his corned beef which he loved because it didn't come from those canned corned beef. For some reasons, the coffee was very good I had to order a second round!

Roaming Around Dahilayan Adventure Park

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There are reasons why we didn't include Dahilayan Adventure Park as part of our original itinerary and that was because James dislikes these extreme rides. It is not his type and I am also okay with not trying out any of these rides. I somehow enjoy watching those who are taking the rides.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

So, what did we come here? Just the pine trees. We realized we like to be where the weather is cold and that has a great ambiance. We both agreed, Dahilayan has better pine trees than that of Baguio, their pine trees somehow looked like they were planted that way, they got great arrangements and it is perfect for a photoshoot! Don't get us wrong, perhaps we were not able to fully roam around Baguio City during our first visit.

Anyway, we had the entire morning enjoying the view, the pine trees, we took our time taking a lot of portrait shots of ourselves. While we also watched those who were taking the Python ride and those guys who tried the Drop Zone.

Lunch at Dahilayan Forest Park

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Dahilayan Adventure Park is composed of two resorts, an adventure park, and a pine trees forest, at least that's how I understood it. After our time at Dahilayan Pinegrove Mountain Lodge, we went to Dahilayan Forest Park where all the main attractions are located. There's a literal park in it, there were playgrounds, different rides for kids and adults and there's a spot where there are tables surrounded by tall and huge as well as old pine trees.

But aside from that, they also have a restaurant inside and that's where we had our lunch because we were already starving. Our time limit was only until 1 or 2 in the afternoon and we have to get back so we can still catch up to Laguindingan Airport.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Surprisingly, the food options here are average, we only spent Php 490 for our food, it included a Chicken Tinola which was good for 3-4 persons, a Ceasar Salad without bacon bits, and a can of soda. James and I agreed that their salad was a bomb! The lettuce served were fresh and yummy! The dip that came with it was also delicious! We were able to eat them all!

Damilag to Cagayan De Oro City to Laguindingan Airport to Cebu

Travel time is really what kills and consumes all our time during this trip. I have researched a lot about the distance between this location so I already have an idea that we got to be ready to go before four in the afternoon on Sunday.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

So after our lunch and our picture taking at Dahilayan Adventure Park, we went back to Damilag, our travel time back seemed shorter compared to when we were on our way to the park. Then we had a bit of snack at the Camp Philips Cooperative where my cousin works.

As soon as we arrived at my uncle's house, we immediately prepared and bid our goodbyes. It may take some more time before we will see each other again.

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There were vans for hire at Camp Philips, from there, it took 40 minutes for us to reach Cagayan De Oro City. The van dropped us at Lim Kit Kai Mall and we took the Magnum Express for Laguindingan. While our schedule was at eight in the evening, the flight was delayed so we had no option but to be patient and wait for the announcement. It was only until ten in the evening that we were able to board the plane. Unfortunately, it was already very late and we still have to travel from Mactan Airport to our condo.

Nonetheless, it was fulfilling that although there were plans which were not followed, we had fun and learned a lot of things about Bukidnon and we will surely go back, next time will be longer. 


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