Bundesliga Player of Sec 6: Mario Gotze

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Looking hegemony they are so powerful in the Bundesliga, is hard to believe that this season Bayern Munich were forced to wait until the sixth week for the first taste of victory at the headquarters of the opponent.

The egg was broken when the Red visited RheinEnergieStadion to test the robustness of the host defense Cologne last weekend. Bayern ended the match with a 2-0 advantage over the previous campaign team suffered only one goal in the first five Sec.

Name Xabi Alonso following the headlines adorning the bustling new Bundesliga record 204 touches in this game, but the title of best player - not just for this game but also to Sec 6th overall - worth girded Mario Gotze.

After packing two goals in a 4-0 win over SC Paderborn at midweek match, Gotze rancaknya continued performance by engaging in Bayern's second goal to goalkeeper Timo Horn. He entered the scoreboard to open the scoring in the first half before Bayern berandil in Daniel Halfar own goal after the interval.

Positioned as a proponent of attacking duo Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski, Gotze has the flexibility to be creative or shocking attack opponents from the second line. His goal in the 19th minute into a valid proof of efficacy of breakthrough Gotze.

A mature feedback Thomas Muller failed Lewandowski welcomed back under the control of the host, but Gotze who did not receive immediate custody came to poke the ball go conquer the Horn.

Not long after Gotze barely return the favor by giving the ball Muller sweet for the executed counterparts, but this time Horn scintillating action to confront the opportunity.

By the middle of the second half Bayern finally successfully added advantage with Gotze involved in the process of its goal when a pass was accidentally diceploskan Halfar into his own net in the middle of the insistence of David Alaba.

"Mario is an amazing talent, but he does not really show what he can do last season. He must improve his game and become more consistent," the words of Franz Beckenbauer last week.

Well, Gotze straightforward answer because now he has packed four goals in six Sec early and become fertile Bayern players so far. Hero of Germany in the 2014 World Cup final was also noted key bait most in the game against Cologne with number four.

Thanks to its glory, Bayern extended the lead in the top of the standings to two points with their closest competitors switch from Bayer Leverkusen, who held to a goalless draw face Freiburg, into which beat Borussia Monchengladbach 2-1 Paderborn.


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