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 One of the most common myths that we hear about rabbits and mice is that rabbits love carrots and mice love cheese. Well not so fast. We have accepted these two statements as part of our culture but what we see on TV is not always true now is it?

 I was wondering a little bit more about certain myths that we hear while growing up to piggyback off of my previous blog that references plenty common phrases that we may use on a day to day basis.

I’m sure many of us know and have heard of the legendary Bugs Bunny, the Easter Rabbit, Pinky & The Brain and Tom & Jerry right? Well, these cartoons are for the most part the main reason why we strongly believe bunnies eat carrots and mice love cheese.

 Let’s talk rabbits and carrots. The truth of the matter is, if you feed a rabbit purely carrots, it will die.  Some rabbits don’t even like the orange stuff. Now if you’re rabbit will eat carrots, do not feed him purely carrots, as a rabbit's diet should consist of hay, leaves and greens.

Now when it comes to mice loving cheese, I may in fact burst your bubble and ruin the fun of placing a wad of cheese on a mousetrap. Not to say that mice won’t eat cheese, but they won’t prefer it and are not as crazy for the yellow stuff as our favorite mouse, Jerry was.

 Mice are actually more drawn to foods with a high-sugar content such as various grains and all types of fruit. When it comes to cheese, these furry little guys actually have very sensitive noses, so they may run away from that stinky cheese we may find amazing.

 So, next time you’re thinking of setting up a mousetrap consider using fruit or grains if you really want to trap a mouse quickly. Unless you want to keep the tradition going, which by all means the cheese is yours.

 Now all I would like right now is to watch some awesome classics like Tom & Jerry, which was awesome since I don’t know if everyone remembers but they never spoke, we imagined the words coming out of their mouths. Either way, I pronounce these myths debunked!

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