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Competition, if it's healthy, helps to move forward, not to relax and achieve better results. In a competitive struggle, it's important to decide what makes your business stand out, check your competitors, and use the tools that can help you lead this game.

Many know the basic rule of a successful business that it's best to settle in an empty space. Unfortunately, the practice shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find such niches today, in many branches of business it is impossible at all. However, companies are able to establish themselves even in the most overcrowded markets. It looks that the more companies offer similar services or products, the more they share the market, the fewer customers each one has. But not always it is the case in business. It all depends on the users who often use the services of several companies, their habits, the ability of companies to seize every opportunity to expand their business, master the marketing techniques or expand their horizons making business abroad.

Any person or entity which is a rival against another. In business, a company in the same industry or a similar industry which offers a similar product or service. The presence of one or more competitors can reduce the prices of goods and services as the companies attempt to gain a larger market share.


Today's choice is extremely abundant. Each product category is grouped. For example, computers. Now they have all the variety: laptops, desktops, microcomputers, tablets, even mobile devices. Each category has many brands, which makes it harder to choose.

With such a high degree of competition, the importance of exclusivity for people who create products becomes a great asset. Challenges also include the fact that quality, good customer service, creativity, and price are often not indications of exclusivity.

So let's ask the question: What makes your business exceptional? You may have a physical store, maybe an online store, or maybe you offer some service? How it stands out by comparison with other shops or services that are similar in nature to yours?

I created some strategies to stand out from the competitors. That's how I understand managing the business, and the tools I would use to be better than my competitors.

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Know Your Competitors

In order to successfully settle among competitors, it is first and foremost to conduct a thorough analysis of them. Even the companies offering the same services and goods are usually quite different, they have very different guides, tactics, business models, and customers. Before settling in an overcrowded market, first, it's necessary to find out what competitors are and how they work. One of the essential things is not to try to copy competitors if there is no way to work better in certain areas.

It is said that superficial imitation is one of the most common mistakes.

First, it is necessary to assess which goods or services offers the competitors to their customers. There may be some groups that are still out of reach. Secondly, you need to know the added value of the company's competitors and do not try to copy them if you cannot do better than they. 

Thirdly, it's worthwhile to grasp what marketing tools are used by competitors, and how they present themselves. Then decide is there any way to stand out in the same niche. 

It is believed that in such competitive markets, the worst are those who, instead of creating their own distinctive face, meddle into open and costly marketing war. For customers, this seems to be a sign that companies do not have any advantages, they are the same and do not offer anything special. And since the early days, the customers do not identify companies having their own face with their competitors.

I created some strategies to stand out from the competitors. That's how I understand managing the business, and the tools I would use to be better than my competitors.


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Be The First

Who the first made the circumnavigation of the world? It's Fernando Magellan. Who was the second? Nobody knows that. If your product, specific benefit, or idea in the business is new in the market, your customers will start you to associate with this product. In short, you will gain a big advantage over other market players.

However, you need to be sure to stay the first. Much and hard work is needed to keep up a leadership position. What's important is innovation, the ability to present something new to the market that would be related to your product or service. 

If you stop creating superb secondary projects, take care of the user's convenience, and provide high-quality content, you will quickly lose this position.

Promptness is a way to stand out from competitors. Sometimes entrepreneurs offer incredible offers. Those who are the first to offer services on the market notice that later the competitors are starting to copy them. Businessmen who turned the promptness into their business cards, always are one step ahead of competitors.

Innovations help win the marketing excellence.


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Be Exclusive By a Certain Feature

All products are categorized, but products in the same category usually differ in one or more features. Most importantly, consumers will associate you with that unique feature. Probably, being an exception in a feature is the best way to stand out from all the strategies described here.

 The worst what you can do is to copy the competitor's exclusive feature. Instead of just copy, you can find another, may even potentially less important but still exclusive business' feature different from your competitors, and place it to consumers.

If you want to stand out for the products and services you create, ask yourself - how much do you really distinguish yourself from your competitors? To answer this question, you must conduct a small survey of competitors from a consumer perspective. So, how much are you exceptional? Why should consumers buy your services?

In every business, as it grows, new categories are created. The simplest milk in the store has already been divided into two categories - regular and long-lasting milk. It is important not to overlook the moment, to feel when the market has already matured for a new feature.


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Be The Leader In Market

To be a leader in your field, you need to keep track of information, its changes, and in the final result, you will see how your competitors react to market changes and what they are doing. You can find much information about your competitors by visiting their web portals. It would be great if you subscribed to competitor newsletters. You will see what they are offering when launching new products or services on the market, what kind of information they provide to potential customers, how often a newsletter is published.

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To be a leader, you do not always need to have the largest market share in the area where you are in the lead. You can be a pioneer in the field, providing the most expensive, but also quality service - you can then also be a leader since nobody works better than you.

Leadership is a powerful way to stand out your brand as it is a direct way of gaining consumer confidence.  Often this means the takeover of certain associations that are specific to this product category.

After a business environment survey, it's time to create a competitive edge. I am not talking about small details that do not materially affect the customer's desire to buy or not to buy. I am talking about doing what nobody else (in the ideal case) does and what adds value. Concentrate on your strengths and take advantage of them. This is the only way to stand out on the market.


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Be Expert In The Market

People give extra weight to those companies that specialize in a particular niche as experts. It is impossible to be an expert everywhere - dictates common sense, so it's better to find your niche and be an expert on it.

You can have the best deal on the market, but consumers are still not interested in you because you have no credibility in your area. Explore your market both from within and from the outside and, of course, show it to your users by sharing your knowledge.  This is an open demonstration of excellence creates a sense of reliability for existing and potential users.

To analyze a niche you need to know: who is your target audience, their age, gender, profession, but it is worth digging even deeper. You need to understand what their goals are, what motivates them. Any market is very dynamic, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse. To be one step ahead is the secret of any real professional.


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Be The Top Priority

The recipe for a successful business is actually so simple -  to be the first in the mind of the buyer. We do not even notice how many brands around us are leaders, because they were able to occupy the first priority in our minds. Many great products were not the first on the market. It is not important to first appear on the market. Most important to first appear in the buyer's mind. The reality is not what's going on in reality, but what's happening in the buyer's mind. 

The ability to first engage in the mindset of customers is an art of marketing. It requires courage, knowledge, patience, a lot of work and, of course, some money.

Often people buy not what they need, but what they think they should buy. This herd's feeling comes from insecurity. If other people buy it, then I cannot be exclusive. This is called a priority strategy.

Read about your competitors. Look for articles or ads in the trade press or mainstream publications. Read their marketing literature. Check their entries in directories and phone books. If they are an online business, ask for a trial of their service. Are they getting more publicity than you, perhaps through networking or sponsoring events? If your competitor is a public company, read a copy of their annual report. 


Let's say young people often go to some coffee-house for coffee only because they are visiting their friends and acquaintances. Perhaps elsewhere you can find more delicious (and certainly cheaper) coffee, but young people want to be like all their peers.

It's not enough to stand out for the very distinctive feature. Your users want to know that they get a certain value from you, which makes you unique. Perhaps your products or services are much better, or much cheaper, or simply offer many more benefits at the same price. Here's a hint: people love a free bonus. Value can be created everywhere.

When you're desirable, the whole world needs to know it. The mouth to mouth recommendations is a powerful force in the world of marketing. Many companies are still very modest to tell their success story. Most often, they are afraid that after a while they may lose their status of a desirable company.


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Want your business to become truly unique? If the competitor does a certain practice in one way, you can do otherwise (if it is logical, of course). Traditional wisdom is often wrong, so challenge it, rewrite the rules of the game. Most importantly, this does not hurt your value proposition. Experiment, try, make mistakes - and then experiment again.

Improvement must take place in all processes involving customers. The least you would want a user to say about your company is: "Yes, they deliver a really great service, but customer service is a nightmare. I better leave it". 

Many can be the first on the market. But to be first in the mind of the buyer can only be a brave, patient and wise business person.

Be Exclusive In The Presentation

Another good way to stand out is to look for distinction not in the product, but in its presentation. Product packaging, the names of certain design elements can be a magical tool to stand out.

Having a great logo is one thing but having a great brand is something else. The brand concept covers much more than just the simplest schedule. The brand's function is to constantly remind existing and potential users of your difference from the competitors.

It matters what your customers think about your service or product. Trademark enhancement is a message sent by the business to people, but more importantly, what the customer really is thinking about your business.


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Let Your Marketing Be Extremely Effective

This advice applies not only to your business type but also to your marketing plan. Let your marketing campaign be different, better than competitors and having a unique value proposition (more sales promotion or taking part in public events).  In this sphere, let's manifest your creativity. Or not. 

Even if you have a big distinction, this does not mean that you can watch absently the other activities and processes. Improvement must take place in all processes involving customers.

Interesting statistics: out of 10 new businesses even 9 are connected in one way or another with the Internet. If you read this article, I have no doubt - you have something in common with the global computer network. Compared to traditional marketing tools, online advertising is not expensive, and the potential is enormous. Let's say a blog may not attract new customers, but it can make closer your relationship with existing ones.


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On The Final Note

For your success, it is necessary to find your own brand's distinctness against competitors, which is called a unique commercial advantage. A unique commercial advantage is a clear statement indicating your advantages, how you can meet the needs of your customers, and how you stand out among your competitors.

There is a widespread opinion that in the 21st century, it's not possible to enter the market with new production, because everything has already been invented, and market participants will not be surprised about anything. However, it is possible to compete successfully not only by offering new products but also by competing in the quest for excellence and creative business decisions.

Every company, whatever it is producing, what kind of services it provides, must be different from its competitors. Only then will it be profitable and will be able to enjoy the special attention of consumers.


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How to survive in a constantly growing competitive environment?

I think that the main thing is to forget about the product and focus all attention on the added value offered to the customer. We need to think not about the product or service itself. We need to think more about the real needs of our customers and how to satisfy them.

 There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell




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