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InterServer Coupons are promotional codes that you can use when ordering a InterServer hosting plan in order to get a discount on your order. Click here to buy ( CC or paypal)



2. Create a new Account




 3. Open Email, copy Activation Code and paste


4. Choose Platform as under image



And there you got your VPS.




1-You should check when the recycle will happen so you won't lose 9$ for it, normally it costs 9$ per month with the SSD storage and 6$ without it.

2- Only one 0.01$ per InterServer and Paypal account ( You can't pay for another VPS with the same paypal account )

3- This VPS will last 30 days

4- You can't use KMZ because the coupon doesn't work with it which means no Windows OS 


*The link I provided is the affiliate program link, you won't lose anything if you use it so please do :)

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