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Advances in information technology has changed the face for the B-to-B marketing process.Electronic purchasing,often called e-Procurement,has grown rapidly in recent years.E-procurement gives buyers access to new suppliers,lower purchasing costs and hastens order processing and delivery.



E-procurement by the companies:

Companies can do e-procurement in any of several ways.They can conduct reverse actions,in which they put their purchasing requests online and invite suppliers to bid for the business.Companies can also conduct e-procurement by setting up their own company buying sites.

B-to-B marketers can help customers who wish to purchase online by creating well-designed easy to use websites.





Business to business e-procurement yields many benefits.

  • first,it shaves transaction costs and results in more efficient purchasing for both buyers and suppliers.
  • e-procurement reduces the time between order and delivery
  • e-procurement frees purchasing people to focus on more-strategic issues.



Security disasters:

E-procurement can also create potential security disasters.Although e-mail and home banking transactions can be protected through basic encryption ,the secure environment that business need to carry out confidential interactions is sometime still lacking.




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