Buying Something Because it's on SALE!

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Have you noticed my avatar?

Oh yes, I'm on cricket costume. I'm really not unto it before, but when I visited the bitlander's shop , oh my! What a big surprise.

The costumes are 50% off from the usual 10 gems, now it's down to 5 gems only when bought plus you gain 1 buzz points for 14 days? Isn't it cool?? ^_^

So right there and then, I didn't hesitate to buy those stuffs as I still have some gems and I badly needed some additional buzz points to add up my direct powerups everyday as the those I submitted for review still did not come as well as my 6th cash out which will give me +2 direct powerups once received.

My problem for now is that, I wanted to buy that cute red balloon but the funds I have to buy additional gem is not enough.

Now I'm thinking to fund my money board from my Paypal or bitcoin wallet, but I just don't know how. lol

Have you tried it before? Can you help me on this?

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