Buzr Introduces Photo Leaderboards In Social Network

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An emerging technology company called Status Media has introduced a new social network called Buzr. It exists solely on mobile for now and its a free download on Google Play and the App Store.

Think of it is a combination between the trendiness of Snapchat with the social connectivity of Instagram. Then throw an Xbox Live like leaderboard into the equation and you have Buzr; a way of grading and ranking photos with the entire network, your network, and getting your content in front of the masses.

It's an exciting concept, but they'll be running into the usual demographic unearthing process. Who is going to adapt to Buzr? Who are the competitive social media users who want the added traffic and impressions? Will it be the Justin Bieber crowd fighting over the spot at #1 fandom or will the social network be invaded by brands and companies looking for the new digital real-estate?

Buzr represents an interesting phase in the digital era where competitiveness and social media are no longer assumed; they're directly correlated.

Get it on Apple devices here and on Google Play here and be an early adopter. If it succeeds you get cool kid points. See if you can find me on there. I'll give you a hint - my username is completely unoriginal and it was given to me by someone I'm related to.


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