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I have been so inactive in bitlanders for this past few weeks, well it has started when I went home to Bohol for the holiday season. I didn't expect that our connection at home is having problems and so I am unable to do the things that I was able to do in Cebu. Although I can post some blogs, movies and microblogs, I had been having struggles just to post them so it is still uncomfortable. I have to post a video a lot of times just to be able to get it uploaded. Thanks to the Christmas costume and I was able to get a higher amount of buzz score but that only was good for a few days, I guess three only, i am not sure though. With that big bonus score, I am really interested with the site.

Lately, my buzz score had been slowly going down and i blame it to the less activity. But then, thanks to miss Gee for sharing us one of her tips in order to increase it.

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You see, I am experimenting if this thus help with our tuition fee. 

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