Buzz Score Hasn't Changed In 5 Months

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ugh, my buzz score hasn't changed from 11 in 5 months. It doesn't matter how many people buzz my stuff or follow me!!

Ever since bitlanders switched to MB from earning actual bitcoins, my buzz score hasn't changed. I am active EVERY SINGLE day, I follow and buzz others, I post great content, people even buzz my stuff, but my buzzscore hasn't changed. This used to be the best place to earn, but with all of these changes bitlanders has gone WAY down hill. I may have to look for something new, as the earning potential has gone down. I have been a member here for almost 5 years and I have just reached the $10 cashout. That is a little crazy, when I see people cashing out every couple of weeks!

Is there something I am missing with all these changes that helps me earn more????

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